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24th International Scientific Meeting on Vacuum       Science and Technique

May 18-19, 2017 Zadar, Croatia     Invited speakers   Programe                       HVDDVTS



  • Applied Surface Science

  • Electronic Materials and Processing

  • Vacuum Science and Technology

  • Plasma Science and Technique

  • Thin Films and Coatings

  • Surface Science

  • Biointerfaces

  • Nanometer Structures

  • Vacuum Metallurgy

  • Nuclear Physics

Call for abstracts

We cordially invite you to the 24th International Scientific Meeting on Vacuum Science and Technique, organized by Croatian Vacuum Society and Slovenian Society for Vacuum Technique. The meeting will be held in Hotel Kolovare, Zadar, Croatia, May 18. - 19. 2017. The main aim of the meeting is to bring together researchers, engineers, technicians and other experts to share their knowledge on the recent developments in the field of Vacuum science and technology and related areas.


International Scientific Meeting on Vacuum Science and Technique is traditionally organized each year by Vacuum Societies of Croatia and Slovenia. It provides the most recent scientific achievements across a broad range of vacuum related scientific disciplines.

Invited talks


Organizing Committee


  • Ivana Capan, Croatia
  • Krešo Salamon, Croatia
  • Marko Karlušić, Croatia
  • Marijan Bišćan, Croatia
  • Alenka Vesel, Slovenia
  • Matjaž Panjan, Slovenia
  • Matjaž Finšgar, Slovenia
  • Gregor Primc, Slovenia

Program committee

  • Maja Buljan, Croatia
  • Nikša Krstulović , Croatia
  • Stjepko Fazinić, Croatia
  • Aleš Omerzu, Croatia
  • Miha Čekada, Slovenia
  • Janez Šetina, Slovenia
  •  Ita Junkar,  Slovenia
  • Janez Kovač, Slovenia

Local committee

  • Nikolina Nekić, Croatia
  • Lovro Basioli, Croatia
  • Dejan Popović, Croatia
  • Kristina Tomić, Croatia
  • Ivna Kavre Piltaver, Croatia


Davor Strenja, Zadar i okolica